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Spring Recreational 2015

Schedules are now available for the Spring 2015 Season. It can be found under the "Recreational" tab at the top of the page or you can click HERE.

Soccer Training
A message from Barcelona Youth Academy Coach Laureano Ruiz

"Let us say that you and I coached two teams with kids that are 10, 11, and 12 years old and all about equally good. You try to teach them to play good soccer, a passing game with tactical basics while I tell mine to only play long balls and try to shoot. I can assure you that at first I will always win against you, by using your mistakes. Intercept a bad pass and goal. If we, however, continue with the same training methods during a three year period, your team will have learned how to play while mine hasn't. That's how easy it is."

Parent's let the kids play

"I am grateful to my father for all the coaching he did not give me."

Ferenc Puskas

Real Madrid Legen

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